Below are the categories for the future Edition . If anyone is interested in contributing, please email me at .

Category About the Category Author(s) Spaces available or not ( will be updated according to the edition)
Front cover A photograph or any other artwork. Yes
Table Of contents List of writings in this edition Yes
A note from the editor Yes
Poems Yes
Artworks or photos Yes
Arts and Crafts How to make art and crafts, step by step instructions Yes
Faith and Worship Anything which is related to Islam Yes
Stories Any true story, personal experience or fiction made Yes
Recipes Easy to make recipes Yes
Beauty and Fashion Anything related to skin care, hair care or  suitable modest and stylish clothes Yes
Quizzes Yes
Book Reviews Yes
Helpful tips Should include tips in any category Yes
Miscellaneous 1 Anything that doesn’t fits in any category Yes
Miscellaneous 2 Anything that doesn’t fits in any category Yes
Memorizing a Dua/Surah Translation or tafseer of the Dua or the Surah Yes
General Knowledge Any quick facts, or anything science related that will increase your General Knowledge. Yes
Interviews Interviews with any influential girls or women Yes
Education Anything related to school like homework tips, studying for a math class etc. Yes

3 thoughts on “Categories

  1. Slm aaishah i jus wntd to ask u wat kind of front cover is needed for the magazine and wat shud be the title? can u just inform me with some details as to how the cover shud be or a coverpage is already selected.. plz let me know thnx. Slm

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