About Us

Muslim UAE Girls Magazine is an online magazine by Muslim girls who live in UAE.  This Muslim Magazine is mostly dedicated to teenagers.

Muslim UAE Girls Magazine develops the creativity of each girl and to help them make the ‘future of Islam’.

The editor of this magazine is Aaishah Khan, a 18 yr old teenager living in Abu Dhabi.


12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dear Aaishah Khan, Salaam,

    I am very proud of you. What you trying to do, is best for all Muslium girls. I am not a teenager, but I am a mother of a teenager girl. Me, myself I also work for poor Muslium children to provide totally free of cost education. I would say, try to make this magazine more interested for teens, so they get attract and learn about Islam in a fun way, and do not think that Islam is a very diffecult religion. Please let me know if I could anyway help you in this cause.
    Take care,
    Nilofar Ahmed.
    050 7320 481

  2. Wasalam,
    Thanks for takin time in rding my site 🙂 if ushna wants to take part in the magazine, do tell her to send me an email and I will help her out!!
    Take care 🙂

    • dear Ayesha aswk, i would like to thank u 4 invtin me ur website .i would also like 2 sign up( if i can ) would u plese tell me where 2 sign up.thanking u,ur friend Afza.

      • wasalam,
        there is no sign up, u just hve to send me any work/articles which are listed on the categories page….i’ll email u for further guidelines 🙂

  3. Slm Aaishah! Thanks for letting me know about this amazing work ur trying to start! I am really happy and would really like to help u! InshaAllah once i am done with examz… n ill pray that this work or urs becomes successful(InshaAllah)! Ameen!

  4. hope this becomes greatly success and the best of material produced here !! – I write a blog for Muslim teens interested in business ! check me out and all may join inshallah!

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